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Add-On Components

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InterActive SyslogViewer


The InterActive SyslogViewer is a Windows GUI application receiving and displaying Syslog events. It is a Syslog server in its own right. Typically, it is used in conjunction with the WinSyslog service, but it can also be used as a stand-alone Syslog server.


The InterActive SyslogViewer replaces the Interactive display from the pre 4.0 release WinSyslog Client. It was brought into a separate program because there was some confusion about the interactive display in the past.



Adiscon LogAnalyzer


Adiscon LogAnalyzer is a convenient facility to access MonitorWare gathered events over the web. All major browsers are supported.


Adiscon LogAnalyzer is an easy to use solution for browsing Syslog messages, Windows event log data and other network events over the web. Adiscon LogAnalyzer enables the system administrator to quickly and easily review his central log repository. It provides views typically used on log data. It integrates with web resources for easy analysis of data found in the logs.


Mainly it helps to have quick overview over current system activity and accessing the log data while not being able to access the administrator workstation (e.g. being on the road or roaming through the enterprise). While originally initiated to work in conjunction with Adiscon's MonitorWare product line, it can easily be modified to work with other solutions as well.


Adiscon LogAnalyzer is included in the MonitorWare Agent install set. It gets copied onto machine but not installed. For installation of Adiscon LogAnalyzer, refer to the installation instructions in the doc folder of Adiscon LogAnalyzer or see the online manual at




MonitorWare Console


MonitorWare Console facilitates the Network Administrators to gather valuable information about their networks and offers them strong analytical abilities with which they can examine their network proficiently against countless problems including security breaches. Using the Views and Reporting Modules of MonitorWare Console, you can find the problematic areas in your network very efficiently and promptly. As a network administrator, you would not only like to find the problems but also their solutions. MonitorWare Console's Knowledge Base Module is exactly meant for this purpose. In short, MonitorWare Console is a very powerful tool that facilitates the Network Administrators to scrutinize their networks from tip to toe and give an in-depth perspective about what's going on in their system.


For further details please visit the MonitorWare Console website at