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Setup is quick and easy. The  WinSyslog Service uses a standard setup wizard.


We highly recommend visiting our Online Seminars - to access the online seminars on WinSyslog as well as other members of this product family.


Please note that these are not marketing videos but actually technically-packed presentations that will help you getting started quickly and efficiently.


Installing WinSyslog is simple and easy. A standard setup program installs the application. WinSyslog is part of Adiscon's MonitorWare line of products.


A number of different Download Versions of the product is available. The install set (the ZIP file you downloaded) contains a standard setup program and its necessary helper files. Please unzip the archive to any directory you like. This can be a local drive, a removable one or a remote share on a file server. A Win32 Unzip program can be found at


After unzipping, simply double-click "setup.exe" (this is the setup program) and follow the onscreen instructions.


Please note: The installer adds a Windows Firewall exception for the service process automatically during the installation routine.


Please note that you might have downloaded the setup.exe file directly. This is depending from where you download the install set. In this case simply run it to setup the product.