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System Requirements

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The WinSyslog Service has minimal system requirements. The actual minimum requirements depend on the type of installation. If the Client is installed, they are higher. The service has very minimal requirements, enabling it to run on a large variety of machines - even highly utilized ones.





The client and Interactive Syslog Server can be installed on Windows 2000 SP3 and above. This includes Windows XP, Windows 2003/2008/2012/2016 servers, Windows Vista and Windows 7/8. The operating system variant (Workstation, Server …) is irrelevant.

The client is suitet for 32bit and 64bit operating systems. The installer determines the correct version for the operating system by itself.

The client uses XML technology. Unfortunately, operating system XML support is only available if at least Internet Explorer 4.01 SP1 is installed.

The client requires roughly 6 MB RAM in addition to the operating system minimum requirements. It also needs around 10 MB of disk space.

The client is available for Intel based systems, only.





The service has fewer requirements. Most importantly, it does not need Internet Explorer to be installed on the system.

It works under the same operating system versions.

At runtime, the base service requires 4 MB of main memory and less than 1 MB of disk space. However, the actual resources used by the service largely depend on the services configured.

If the service shall just receive a few syslog messages per second, a performance impact is barely noticeable, if at all visible.

If the WinSyslog service is receiving hundreds of messages per second, it will need much more resources. Even then, the actual load is depending on the actions carried out. Storing the messages to text files is much less performance intense than writing them to a database table - especially if the database engine is located on the same machine. As such, there is no single guideline for hardware sizing. It needs to be adapted to the expected workload. We have created an article on performance optimization for syslog server operations, which you may want to read.

Please note, however, that the service is specifically optimized to handle high throughput including message bursts (for example received via syslog).

If you expect high volume burst and carry out time consuming actions (for example database writes), we highly recommend adding additional memory to the machine. Even 64 MB additional memory will do nicely. A typical Syslog message (including overhead) will take roughly 1.5 KB. With 64 MB, you can buffer up to 50,000 messages in 64 MB.

WinSyslog is capable of storing such bursts temporarily in memory even if the machine would otherwise be too slow to process the messages.


Adiscon LogAnalyzer


Adiscon LogAnalyzer requires Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) version 4 or higher to be present on the machine where Adiscon LogAnalyzer is to be installed but it is not mandatory, we recommend to go on with Apache in conjuction with PHP5 such as included in the package WAMP.