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Primarily, the InterActive SyslogViewer is used for viewing current syslog traffic. All messages are shown in a list with the most important information. These are the Priority, Facility, Date&Time, Source, RealSource and the Message. At the beginning of each line you can see the number of the logged event and a checkbox, for you to track if a message has been read.


The status bar at the bottom of the screen shows you, if the SyslogViewer is running or stopped and how much time you have left for the trial or your licensing status.



Live Syslog View



The toolbar provides you with direct access to the most important functions. These are described here:




With the start button, you start the receiving service. Now the InterActive SyslogViewer will receive and display all incoming messages. If messages were sent before starting the service, they will be dropped.





Here you can stop the receiving server.



Syslog Port


Here you can define the syslog port where the Viewer should be receiving the syskigness



Character Encoding


Here you can define how characters will be decoded. You can choose from Default Encoding (depending on OS), Ascii, Unicode, UTF8 or UTF32.



Clear checked


With this button, you can clear all the checkboxes in front of the messages.



Clear View


By clicking on this button, all data will be deleted from you datagrid.



Copy Selection


This helps you copying the selected messages.



Export Selection


You can export the selected data directly by using this button.



Export All


Export the complete data that is in the data grid.