Show/Hide Toolbars


Another feature is the possibility to review log messages which are stored in a database.


The status bar at the bottom of the screen shows you, if the SyslogViewer is running or stopped, how many records are currently shown and how much time you have left for the trial or your licensing status.



Database View



The toolbar in this case is for entering the login information for the database.


System DSN


Specify the System DSN of your database here.





The username for the database.





The appropriate password for the database.



Store Username and Password


With the checkbox you can tell the InterActive SyslogViewer to keep the username and password or not. This is to make usage easier for you.



Limit Records


This limits the maximum of the shown records. The default value is 10000. If changed, this can have a enormous impact on your machine.





This button is to reload the database. This is needed to view if there are new log messages in the database.



Odbc Admin


This button opens the Administration Panel for ODBC Data Source connections




Once a database connection is successfully established, you can see another toolbar with the filter options:



Active Database View



Highlight Rows


You can enter a keyword into the field, the rows containing this keyword will be highlighted. You can then find the messages much easier,



Facility Filter


Allows you to only show messages with a certain facility. You can use the dropdown menu to specify the facility.



Priority Filter


Allows you to only show messages with a certain priority. You can use the dropdown menu to specify the priority.





With this button, you apply the filter settings to the current view. Depending on the filter settings you chose you will see either colored lines and/or only the lines from the category you wish to see.



Reset Filters


Resets the filter settings and returns you to the default view of your database.