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Export Settings

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When working on a support incident, it is often extremely helpful to re-create a customer environment in the Adiscon lab. To aid in this process, we have added functionality to export an exact snapshot of a configuration. There are multiple methods available. Adiscon Support prefers Adiscon Config Format. Please note that when we have received your file, we are also able to make adjustments (if needed) and provide those back to you. This is a very helpful support tool.



Figure1: Export Settings to a file



To use it, please do the following:


1.        Go to "File->Export Configuration"

2.        Choose "Adiscon Config Format".

3.        Save the configuration file.



You may be reluctant to send the registry file because of security reasons. We recommend you to review the contents of the registry file for security purposes with a notepad or any other text editor.


Please Note: We have a 10 MB limit on our mail account. Please zip the registry file and then send it to us. If the file size doesn't reduce after compressing it you should contact Adiscon Support for further instructions.