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Getting Help

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The WinSyslog Service is very reliable. In the event you experience problems, find here how to solve them.


Do you need help with the WinSyslog Service or WinSyslog in general? Do you need an important question answered? No problem, there is lots of help available!


Please note that all options (except priority support) are also open to evaluating customers. So do not hesitate to try them. Help is available in English and German language. Our local resellers may provide local language support. Please check with them.



Frequently asked Questions


For a current list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), please visit


The FAQ area is continuosly being updated.



Customer Support System


Our customers service and support system is available at With it, you can quickly open a support ticket via a web-based interface. This system can be used to place both technical support calls as well as general and sales questions. We would appreciate if you select the appropriate category when opening your ticket.


Please note: the customer service system asks you for a userid and password when you open it. If you do not have a userid yet, you can simply follow the "register" link (in the text part) to create one. You can also open a ticket without registering first, in which case the system will create one for you. You will receive the generated userid as part of the email notifications the system generates.


Why using the customer support system? As you see further below, we also offer support by email. In fact, email is just another way to create a ticket in the customer support system. Whenever we reply to your ticket, the system automatically generates an email notification, which includes a link to your ticket as well as the answer we have provided. So for the most cases, you can use email, only. However, there are some situations where the support system should be used:


Email notifications do NOT include attachments. If we provide an attachment, you must login to the ticket in order to obtain this. For your convenience, each email notification contains an active link that allows you to login immediately.

If you seem not to receive responses from us, it is a very good idea to check the web interface. Unfortunately, anti-SPAM measures are being setup more and more agressive. We are noticing an increasing number of replies that simply do not make it to your mailbox, because some SPAM filter considered it to be SPAM and removed it. Also, it may happen that your support question actually did not get past our own SPAM filter. We try very hard to avoid this. If we discard mail, we send a notification of this, so you should at least have an indication that your mail did not reach us. Using the customer support system via its own web interface removes all SPAM troubles. So we highly recommend doing this if communication otherwise seems to be distrubed. In this case, please remember that notification emails may also get lost, so it is a good idea to check your ticket for status updates from time to time.



WinSyslog Web Site


Visit the support area at for further information. If for any reason that URL will ever become invalid, please visit for general information.



Support Forum


Share questions and answers with your peers! The forum is also monitored by Adiscon support staff. To access the forum, point your browser at,4.html.





Please address all support requests to An appropriate subject line is highly appreciated.


Please note: we have increasingly often problems with too-agressive SPAM filtering, resulting in loss of our replies. If you do not receive a response from us within two working days latest, we highly recommend re-submitting your support call via the customer support system.



Online Seminars


Adiscon offers a selection of online seminars. This selection is continuously being expanded. All available seminars can be found at


Please note: Windows Media Player is required to view the seminars.





Phone support is limited to those who purchased support incidents. If you are interested in doing so, please email for further details.



Software Maintenance


Adiscon's software maintenance plan is called UpgradeInsurance. It offers unlimited free upgrades and priority support during its duration. It can be purchased for a period between 1 and 5 years.


To learn more about UpgradeInsurance, please visit



Non-Technical Questions


Please address all non-technical questions to This email alias will answer all non-technical questions like pricing, licensing or volume orders.



Product Updates


The MonitorWare line of products is being developed since 1996. New versions and enhancements will be made available continuously.


Please visit for information about new and updated products.