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Global Conditions

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Global Conditions apply to the rule as whole. They are automatically combined with a logical "AND" with the conditions in the filter tree.



Filter Form - Global Conditions



Treat not found Filters as TRUE


If a property queried in a filter condition is not present in the event, the respective condition normally returns "FALSE". However, there might be situations where you would prefer if the rule engine would evaluate this to "TRUE" instead. With this option, you can select the intended behaviour. If you check it, conditions with properties not found in the event evaluates to "TRUE.



Fire only if Event occurs


This is kind of the opposite of the "Minimum WaitTime". Here, multiple events must come in before a rule fires. For example, this time we use a ping probe. Ping is not a very reliable protocol, so a single ping might be lost. Thus, it may not be the best idea to restart some processes just because a single ping failed. It would be much better to wait for repetitive pings to fail before doing so.


Exactly this is why the "Fire only if Event Occurs" filter condition is made for. It waits until a configured amount of the same events occurs within a period. Only if the count is reached, the filter condition matches and the rule can fire.


Note: If you used  previous versions of the product, you might remember a filter called "Occurrences". This has just been renamed.



Minimum Wait Time


This filter condition can be used to prevent rules from firing too often. For example, a rule might be created to check the status of a port probe event. The port probe probes an SMTP server. If the event is fired and the rule detects it, it spawns a process that tries to restart the service. This process takes some time. Maybe the SMTP gateway need some more time to fully start up so that the port probe might fail again while the problem is already taken care of. The port probe as such generates an additional event.


Setting a minimum wait time prevents this second port probe event to fire again if it is – let's say – within 5 minutes from the original one. In this case, the minimum wait time is not yet reached and as such, the rule is not match. If, however, the same event is generated 5 hours later (with the mail gateway failing again), the rule once again fired and corrective action taken.



Global Conditions relative to this property


This feature enables you to control the Global Conditions based on a property.

For example take the source of a message as property. In this case, the Minimum WaitTime for example would be applied individual on each message source.