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License Options

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License Options Tab


This tab can be used to enter the WinSyslog license after purchase.



License Option Parameters



Registration Name

File Configuration fields:



The user chooses the registration name. It should correspond to your organization name, e.g. a company called "AA Carpenters, Inc." should not choose "AA" as registration name. This can easily be mistaken and most probably be rejected by Adiscon for that reason. With the above scenario, we recommend using the full company name "AA Carpenters, Inc.".


Please note: The registration name is case sensitive. It must be entered exactly as given. Leading and trailing spaces are also part of the registration name, so be sure to enter none.


Registration Number

File Configuration fields:

nLicenseKey1, nLicenseKey2, nLicenseKey3, nLicenseKey4, nLicenseKey5


Adiscon provides this number. It is valid for a specific registration name. Be sure to enter the correct registration number. Each block of the license key must be filled into one of the key fields. Alternatively, you can use the "Import from Clipboard" button. The client detects invalid registration numbers and report the corresponding error.