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Step-by-Step Guides

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The step-by-step guides are meant to get you started quickly. They provide information on how to configure the product in common scenarios. Each section includes the information necessary to complete a specific task.


The information is presented in an easy to follow "step by step" way (hence the name). Each section begins with the intended result and then explains the steps to achieve it in the correct order. They are documented together with hardcopies, so they should be easy to follow. For best results, please be sure to follow the exact order of the steps.


The step-by-step guides do eventually not include all information that might be relevant to the situation. Please use your own judgment if the scenario described sufficiently matches your need.


In the step-by-step guides, we assume the product is already successfully installed but no configuration has been done. If it is not installed, please do so first.


All step-by-step guides assume that the client is running. This is kind of a step 0 for all the guides.


To keep download times reasonable, the step-by-step guides are not included in this manual. They are kept as separate web pages. This also allows us to modify and add step-by-step guides. Additions are made all the time, so it is probably a good idea to check for new guides.


As of this writing, the following step-by-step guides were available:


Installations and Configurations


How do I export the configuration and create a debug file?

How do I enter the license information from the product delivery email?

MonitorWare Agent Database Formats

Database Logging with MSSQL

How do I apply filters in MonitorWare Agent, WinSyslog and EventReporter?

How To Setup MonitorWare Agent/ WinSyslog/ EventReporter

How To setup php-syslog-ng with MonitorWare Products?





How To create a simple Syslog Server

How To setup SETP Server Service

Forwarding Windows event logs to a Syslog server

Forwarding Windows event logs to an SETP server






How To setup the Forward via Syslog Action

How To setup an SETP Action

How To setup a Write to File Action

How To setup the Forward via EMail Action

How To setup the Set Property Action

How To setup the Set Status Action

How To setup the Start Program Action

How To setup the Control Windows Services Action

How To Create a Rule Set for Database Logging

How to store custom properties of a log message in a database




Centralized Monitoring


How To setup PIX centralized Monitoring (WinSyslog 8.x, MonitorWare Agent 5.x & MonitorWare Console 3.x)

How To setup Windows centralized Monitoring (EventReporter 9.x & WinSyslog 8.x)

How To setup Windows centralized Monitoring (EventReporter 8.x, WinSyslog 7.x and Monilog 2.x)



You may also want to visit our syslog device configuration pages at They contain instructions on setting up several devices for syslog.