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Using Interactive Syslog Server

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With interactive Syslog Server is easy to immediately display Syslog messages.


Interactive Syslog server is an add-on to the WinSyslog. Please note that it is a utility program, with a primary focus on real-time troubleshooting.


Interactive Syslog Server is not meant to continously monitor a system. This is what the service is designed for. While Interactive Server allows to view current Syslog traffic, the service should be used for all other purposes, like creating log files.


The Interactive Syslog Server replaces the Realtime Display from older WinSyslog Client version. It is a very helpful application to verify that the WinSyslog Service is running and working correctly. You can configure a Syslog Server. WinSyslog default with one Forward Syslog Action that forwards Syslog messages to the local machine on port 10514. The Interactive Server is configured to run on port 10514 by default. That means that after installing WinSyslog, you can directly use the Interactive Syslog Server to display Syslog messages.