Add-On Components

There are a number of optional components available as free downloads.

All optional components work with the MonitorWare common database format.

InterActive SyslogViewer

The InterActive SyslogViewer is a Windows GUI application receiving and displaying Syslog events. It is a Syslog server in its own right. Typically, it is used in conjunction with a Syslog Forward Rule of the service, but it can also be used as a stand-alone Syslog server.

Though it is not a core component, it is included in the MonitorWare Agent install set.

For more informations see the InterActive SyslogViewer online manual .

Adiscon LogAnalyzer

Adiscon LogAnalyzer is a convenient facility to access MonitorWare gathered events over the web. All major browsers are supported.

Adiscon LogAnalyzer is an easy to use solution for browsing Syslog messages, Windows event log data and other network events over the web. Adiscon LogAnalyzer enables the system administrator to quickly and easily review his central log repository. It provides views typically used on log data. It integrates with web resources for easy analysis of data found in the logs.

Mainly it helps to have quick overview over current system activity and accessing the log data while not being able to access the administrator workstation (e.g. being on the road or roaming through the enterprise). While originally initiated to work in conjunction with Adiscon’s MonitorWare product line, it can easily be modified to work with other solutions as well.

Adiscon LogAnalyzer is included in the MonitorWare Agent install set. It gets copied onto machine but not installed. For installation of Adiscon LogAnalyzer, refer to the installation instructions in the doc folder of Adiscon LogAnalyzer or see the online manual .

These tools will be available from the tools folder


Adiscon logger is an UNIX-like logger command line tool for Windows. It is a re-write of the UNIX logger tool with enhanced functionality. All the popular UNIX options are supported. Also, it supports reliable syslog transport via RFC 3195 and plain tcp as found in other Adiscon’s products as well as some others like syslog-ng. In addition to that, it includes options specifically needed for the Windows Environment.

More details are available at: An UNIX-like logger for Windows .


Adiscon LogZip is a command line tool for Windows for zipping logfiles. It’s sole purpose is to pick up log files and put them into a zip file in a location that is specified. By running on the command line, it can be easily used with the Windows Tast Scheduler. That way you can automatically archive and store unneeded logfiles in a different location, only keeping the recent logfiles available for review.

LogZip is written in .NET, so please ensure, that you have the .NET framework from Microsoft installed. Else, the tool will not work.

More details are available at LogZip - Archiving tool for Windows.


Adiscon LogDeleter is a Database LogDeleter/Backup Zool for Windows.

LogDeleter is able to delete records in a database older then the specified days and it also can be used for backup the data first. It works over ODBC database connection. You can use this cabability e.g. to run it via Scheduled Task once a week in order to backup/delete your old records. LogDeleter is part of Adiscon’s MonitorWare solution .


The Log Viewer tool is able to process very large log files. Other tools often have problems with files large than 100 MB. With Adiscon’s Log Viewer there isn’t even an issue with files larger than 1 GB. In fact it works with 5 GB almost as fast as with 5 MB files. A special help for reviewing the logs is the highlighting option. Define rules for highlighting any keyword or phrase which should be especially marked while reviewing. These terms can be associated with a color, bold text, or similar. E.g. “error” appear in bold text and red color.