About WinSyslog

WinSyslog is an enhanced syslog server for Windows. It serves the same purpose as a Unix Syslog daemon. It is an integrated, modular, and distributed solution for system management.

Network administrators can continuously monitor their systems and receive alarms as soon as important events occur.

Syslog is a standard protocol for centralized reporting of system events. Its roots are in the UNIX environment, but most modern devices (e. g. Cisco routers) use the Syslog protocol. They report important events, operating parameters, and even debug messages via Syslog. Unfortunately Microsoft Windows does not include a Syslog server (a Syslog server is called “Syslog daemon” or - short - Syslogd under UNIX).

Adiscon’s WinSyslog fills this gap. Prior to version 3.0, WinSyslog was known under the name of “NTSLog”. WinSyslog is the first and original Syslog server available on the Windows platform. Its initial version was created in 1996 just to receive Cisco routers status messages. The product has been continuously developed during the past years. Version 3 represented a major stepping stone. That was the main reason we decided to rename the product.

WinSyslog can also be used in conjunction with Adiscon’s MonitorWare Agent, and EventReporter to build a totally centralized Windows event log monitoring tool. More information on centrally monitoring Windows operating systems can be found at www.monitorware.com

Most customers use WinSyslog to gather events reported from Syslog enabled devices (routers, switches, firewalls, and printers to name a few) and store them persistently on their Windows system. WinSyslog can display Syslog messages interactively on-screen but also store them in flat ASCII files, ODBC databases, or the Windows event log. The product runs as a reliable background service and needs no operator intervention once it is configured and running. As a service, it can start up automatically during Windows boot.

The improvised services and rules introduced in version 4 allow very flexible configuration of WinSyslog. WinSyslog detects conditions like string matches in the incoming messages and can actively act on them. For example, an email message can be send if a high priority message is detected. There can also be multiple Syslog servers running at the same time, each one listening to different ports.

For a complete overview over the MonitorWare line of products, please visit https://www.adiscon.com.