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To obtain pricing information, please klick on the order link, enter you country and view the price information inside the order form. If you do not intend to order, simply do not fill out the form.

SKUProduct Name
WinSyslog ProfessionalWinSyslog Professional Order!
WinSyslog EnterpriseWinSyslog Enterprise Order!

Our maintenance plan – UpgradeInsurance – is available for a 30% fee for the first year based on the purchase price. UpgradeInsurance is priced per year and the more years you purchase, the more you safe. This is because multiple year purchases receive discounts. For example, one year of UpgradeInsurance is 30% of the product retail price while five years of UpgradeInsurance is just 100%! So you can save 50% by purchasing five years instead of just one. It offers unlimited free updates as well as priority support. Click here for details.

1 year30%
2 years55%
3 years75%
4 years90%
5 years100%

Upgrades from previous versions are available for non-UpgradeInsurance customers. The upgrade fee is 75% of the current product price as specified above. An update can be made from one version to the next. For example from Vx to Vx+1. Is the difference between the license greater than one version (Vx to Vx+2) it is necessary to buy a new license.

We happily accept purchase orders from all over the world. For details, please click here.

Discounts based on the number of licenses purchased are available. Please note that the discounts are calculated on a per-product basis. The volume schedule is as follows:

Nbr. of LicensesDiscount

Customers interested in higher volumes should contact us via the Customer Service System to inquire on further discounts.

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