Other Miscellaneous Features

Full Logging

WinSyslog logs the received syslog message together with it’s priority and facility code as well as the sender’s system IP address and date. It is also able to log abnormally formatted packages (without or with invalid priority / facility), so no message will be lost.

Interactive Server

Use the Interactive Syslog Server to interactively display messages as they arrive. Message buffer size is configurable and only limited by the amount of memory installed in the machine.

Powerful Actions

Each message received is processed by WinSyslog’s powerful and extremely flexible rule engine. Each rule defines which actions to carry out (e. g. email message or store to a database) when the message matches the rule’s filter condition. Among others, filter conditions are string matches inside the message or syslog facility or priority. There are an unlimited number of filter conditions and actions per rule available.

Freeware Mode

We care for the home user! WinSyslog can operate as freeware in so-called “freeware mode” without a valid license. It supports a scrolling interactive display of the 60 most current messages for an unlimited time. This feature is most commonly requested for home environments. And: even our free copies come with Adiscon’s great support!

Standards Compatible

WinSyslog is compatible with the syslog RFC 3164. It operates as a original sender (device), server and relay. All specified operation modes are supported. Non-RFC compliance can be configured by the administrator to fine-tune WinSyslog to the local environment (e.g. timestamps can be taken from the local system instead of the reporting device in case the device clocks are unreliable).

Syslog Hierarchy

WinSyslog supports cascaded configurations most commonly found in larger organizations. In a cascaded configuration, there are local WinSyslog instances running at department or site level which report important events to a central WinSyslog in the headquarter. There is no limit on the number of levels in a cascaded system.

WinSyslog Web Access

Never need to look at plain text files! WinSyslog comes with a fully functional ASP application that will display the contents of WinSyslog generated database entries. The ASP pages are in full source code and can easily be customized.

Multiple Instances

WinSyslog supports running multiple syslog servers on the same machine. Each instance can listen to a different syslog port, either via TCP or UDP and be bound to a different rule set for execution.

Ease of Use

Using the new WinSyslog Client interface, the product is very easy to setup and customize. We also support full documentation and support for large-scale unattended installations.


WinSyslog is written to perform robust even under unusual circumstances. Its reliability has been proven at customers sites since 1996.

Minimal Resource Usage

WinSyslog has no noticeable impact on system resources. It was specifically written with minimal resource usage in mind. In typical scenarios, it’s footprint is barely traceable. This ensures it can also be installed on heavily loaded servers.

Firewall Support

Does your security policy enforce you to use a non-standard syslog port? WinSyslog can be configured to listen on any TCP/IP port for syslog messages.

NT Service

The WinSyslog service is implemented as a native multithreaded Windows NT service. It can be controlled via the control panel services applet or the computer management MMC (Windows 2000).

Full Windows 2000, 2003 and XP Support

We have full Windows 2000 support since Windows 2000 ships! WinSyslog versions 3.6 and above are specifically designed for Windows XP and support advanced features like the new themes and fast user switching.

Runs on large Variety of NT Systems

Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, 7, 8, 10, 2012; Workstation or Server – WinSyslog does run on all of them. We also have Compaq (Digital) ALPHA processor versions on platforms supporting this processor (service only, available on request).

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