Syslog Daemon for Windows

Product Features

  • Centralized Logging

This is the key feature. WinSyslog gathers all syslog messages send
from different sources and stores them locally on the Windows system.
Event source can be any syslog enabled device. Today, virtually all
devices can use syslog. Prominent examples are Cisco routers.

  • Ease of Use

Using the new WinSyslog client interface, the product is very easy to
setup and customize. We also support full documentation and support for
large-scale unattended installations.

  • Powerful Actions

Each message received is processed by WinSyslog’s powerful and
extremely flexible rule engine. Each rule defines which actions to carry
out (e. g. email message or store to a database) when the message
matches the rule’s criterias. Among others, criterias are string matches
inside the message or syslog facility or priority. There is an unlimited
number of rules and actions per rule available.

  • Interactive Message Display

Use the WinSyslog client to interactively display messages as they
arrive. Message buffer size is configurable and only limited by the
amount of memory installed in the machine.

  • Freeware Mode

We care for the home user! WinSyslog can operate as freeware in
so-called “freeware mode” without a valid license. It supports a scrolling interactive
display of the 60 most current messages for an unlimited time. This
feature is most commonly requested for home environments. And: even our
free copies come with Adiscon’s great support!

  • Reverse Host Name Resolution

See the host name instead of the IP address of the message origin
with reverse host name resolution. This so-called reverse DNS-Lookup is
great to include meaningful names into your logs.

  • Syslog Hierarchy

WinSyslog supports cascaded configurations most commonly found in
larger organizations. In a cascaded configuration, there are local
WinSyslog instances running at department or site level which report
important events to a central WinSyslog in the headquarter. There is no
limit on the number of levels in a cascaded system.

  • Store Messages Persistently

The WinSyslog server process stores all messages persistently. So
later auditing and review of important system events is effortlessly.
Messages can be written to flat ASCII files, ODBC data sources and the
Windows event log.

  • Full Logging

WinSyslog logs the received syslog message together with it’s
priority and facility code as well as the sender’s system IP address and
date. It is also able to log abnormally formatted packages (without or
with invalid priority/facility), so no message will be lost.

  • Full Windows Support

We have full Windows support since Windows 2000 ships!

  • Robustness

WinSyslog is written to perform robust even
under unusual circumstances. It’s reliability has been proven at
customers sites since 1996.

  • Minimal Resource Usage

WinSyslog has no noticeable impact on system resources. It was
specifically written with minimal resource usage in mind. In typical
scenarios, it’s footprint is barely traceable. This ensures it can also
be installed on heavily loaded servers.

  • Firewall Support

Does your security policy enforce you to use a non-standard syslog
port? WinSyslog can be configured to listen on any TCP/IP port for
syslog messages.

  • NT Service

The WinSyslog service is implemented as a
native multithreaded Windows NT service. It can be controlled via the
control panel services applet or the computer management MMC (Windows
2000 and above).

  • Runs on large Variety of Systems

XP to 10, 2000 to 2012; Workstation or Server – WinSyslog does
run on all of them. We also have Compaq(Digital) ALPHA processor
versions on platforms supporting this processor (service only, available
on request).

  • Double Byte Character Set Support (e. g. Japanese)

WinSyslog supports characters encoded in double byte character
sets (DBCS). This is mostly used with Asian languages like Japanese or
Chinese. All DBCS strings are correctly displayed and written to the log
targets (database or flat file). However, the sending side must also be able to
process DBCS correctly. As an example, Adiscon’s event monitor for
Windows, EventReporter, does so.

  • Multi-Language Client

The WinSyslog client comes with multiple languages ready to go.
Out of the box English, German, and Japanese are supported. Languages
can be switched instantly. Language settings are specific to a user.

Additional languages can be easily integrated using Adiscon’s brand
new XML based localization technology. We ask customers interested in an
additional language for a little help with the translation work (roughly
1 hour of work). Adiscon will than happily create a new version. This
service is free!

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