The WinSyslog Service 5.x

The service operates in the background while your computer is running. The WinSyslog 5.x (i.e. WinSyslog 5.0, 5.1, 5.2,…) is installed as a system service during setup. It typically runs on each machine being monitored. However, some machines can also be dedicated to run it for housekeeping functions (for example log consolidation).

The WinSyslog 5.x can be “Engine Only” installed. In this case, only the service is installed onto a machine. It can be customized either by directly editing the registry or by copying a registry snapshot from a machine with installed client. Please note that “Engine Only” installs need a full WinSyslog license.

The WinSyslog 5.x program is called “winsyslg.exe”. It is the sole executable that needs to be distributed for mass rollouts.

The Service Account – NT Services must utilize an NT logon account in order to perform their intended tasks. The WinSyslog 5.x service is no different. The account initially used by the service is “local system”. We recommend retaining this setting.

If for any reason you would like to change the service account, you can do so via the control panel “services” applet (or the “Computer Management” MMC under Windows 2000). However, you need to make sure that the new account has sufficient permissions.

Command Line Switches – The WinSyslog 5.x supports a limited set of command line switches. These are primarily used for unattended installations or “engine only” installs. These are:

winsyslg -hHelp, displays a short usage notice
winsyslg -iInstalls the service
winsyslg -uRemoves (uninstalls) the service
winsyslg -vDisplays version information as well as whether or not the service is installed.

Please Note: If you are opting for “Engine Only” install then there are two new dll’s located in the WinSyslog directory which are needed (used for SETP over SSL):

  • libeay32.dll
  • ssleay32.dll

Copy these dll’s either in System32 or in the WinSyslog directory. They are staticly linked into the program, so these dll’s are necessary (even if they are not used in your configuration). If these aren’t there then you would definately face problems!

The WinSyslog Service 5.x
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