Adiscon announces availability of Software Maintenance

Adiscon today announced immediate availability of software maintenance.  Adiscon’s maintenance package – called UpgradeInsurance -provides unlimited free updates and upgrades as well as priority support. It is available on a world wide basis.

UpgradeInsurance is also a bargain! It is just 30% of the product purchase price for one year. After that year, you can automatically renew your UpgradeInsurance package. Even better: you can order UpgradeInsurance for up to 5 years in advance to secure the current low prices and your budget. This is because multiple year purchases receive discounts. For example, one year of UpgradeInsurance is 30% of the product retail price while five years of UpgradeInsurance is just 100%! So you can save 50% by purchasing five years instead of just one. It offers unlimited free updates as well as priority support.

1 year30%
2 years55%
3 years75%
4 years90%
5 years100%

"We are very enthusiastic about UpgradeInsurance." says Adiscon’s president Rainer Gerhards "Customers will have peace of mind on staying current with their products. They also want easy foreseeable costs to plan their budget accordingly. Finally, they want to ensure help is definitely available whenever they need it. UpgradeInsurance solves all of this problems.".

By the way: maintenance plans like Adiscon’s UpgradeInsurance are in common use since mainframe days. Unfortunately, many PC software vendors do not offer these customer friendly products.

UpgradeInsurance can be purchased immediately. The online order systems are currently being enhanced to allow UpgradeInsurance purchased with a single mouse click at the time of the initial purchase. If it is not available at an order site or the customer prefers to order UpgradeInsurance after purchasing the products, customers are kindly requested to contact Adiscon for a quote.

Adiscon announces availability of Software Maintenance
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