WinSyslog 10.0 Final (Build Service 10.0.488/Client 9.0.445)

Release Date: 2010-02-01

Build-IDs: Service 10.0.488, Client 9.2.445

New Additions
  • Full Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2 Support
  • Syslog Listener Service
    – Added support to receive Syslog messages via multicast IP Addresses like for example.
  • Send Relp Action
    – Added Keepalive TCP Option
    – the Sendtimeout can now be configured, the minimum value is 30 seconds.
  • ODBC Action
    –  Added new setting to support NULL value inserts, if a property is empty.
  • Syslog Listener Service
    – The message seperator is now being removed from the message, if TCP is  used.
    – The SyslogTag is now proberly removed from the Syslog message.
    – Fixed an issue decoding RFC 5424 Header when structured data part was available.
  • Forward Syslog Action
    – Fixed a bug in the diskqueue feature, which caused the Action not to retry to connect in some cases.
    – Fixed missing syslog header when “TCP (Persistent Connection)” was used.
    – All Syslog properties are now proberly initialized if a custom syslog header is used.
  • SetProperty Action
    – Fixed internal exception when an empty string was used as propery value.

You can download Free Trial Version of WinSyslog.

WinSyslog 10.0 Final (Build Service 10.0.488/Client 9.0.445)
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