WinSyslog 12.0 Released

Release Date: 2013-02-18

Build-IDs: Service 12.0.512, Client



  • Added Support for Windows 8 and Windows 2012
  • Increased Timer accuracy in all Services. This mainly effects accuracy of “Overrun Protection Delay” settings.
  • Added support to load settings from a customized registry key. The key can be changed using the Configuration Client.
  • Added support to install the Service with a custom Servicename.
  • Updated to more secured OpenSSL Library 1.0.1e.
  • Added new properties syslogpriority_text and syslogfacility_text.




  • FilterEngine: TRUE and FALSE filters were not correctly evaluated in certain cases (Like when used below an OR filter).



You can download Free Trial Version of WinSyslog.

WinSyslog 12.0 Released
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