WinSyslog 3.3 Preview Release (Beta 1, Build 113)

Release Date: 2001-03-14

This version has been released to the public on 2001-03-14. It offers major enhancements over the previous versions.

  • Flexible Rule Engine – the big, big plus! Messages received are now run through rules. Each rule is associated with actions (like sending mail or writing to ODBC databases) that are carried out when the rule matches. There is an unlimited number of rules and actions.
  • EMail Support – received syslog messages can now be forwarded to email recipients.
  • Syslog Forwarding Support – allows to cascade syslog servers. Messages received by WinSyslog can be forwarded by syslog protocol to syslog servers on other systems.
  • Remote Administration – the client can now connect to remote systems and configure them.
  • Clients supports integrated Version checking via Adiscon’s online eSupport site.
  • Unicode based – results in faster execution under Windows NT/2000/XP and also eases internationalization.
  • Web interface to syslog database – available as a separate free download. The web interface enables viewíng syslog messages from any web browser in real time.

WinSyslog 3.3 Preview Release (Beta 1, Build 113)
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