WinSyslog 3.4 Final (Build 120/Client 3.4.52)

  • Windows 9x/Me file logging support – The client itself does now support logging to a flat file. This feature allows file logging under Windows 9x and Windows Me.
  • Improved client display – Facilities are now displayed color coded and with full name (e.g. LOCAL0 instead of 16).
  • 3.5 Final (Build 121/Client 3.5.75)
  • Spanish language user interface – the WinSyslog client now supports a Spanish language user interface.
  • ODBC logging enhancements – it is now possible to overwrite the default field names. This provides additional flexibility for enhanced solutions.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the WinSyslog service to stop unexpectedly if the mail server used for email delivery did refuse connection. Now, these event is properly reported and processing continues. Bug seen very seldom in reality.
  • Some minor bug fixes in the client application
WinSyslog 3.4 Final (Build 120/Client 3.4.52)
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