WinSyslog 3.6 (Build 122/ Client 3.6.112)

Release Date: 2001-09-06

This version has been released to the public on 2001-09-06. The main new feature is support for Microsoft’s new Windows XP operating system. It detects the operating environment automatically and adjusts accordingly.

  • Enhanced the WinSyslog Client with the new Windows XP Look and Feel.
  • The WinSyslog Client now fully supports the new Windows XP Fast User Switching feature. It checks if another user in another session is using the WinSyslog Interactive Server on the same port.
  • New manual available in PDF Format.
  • New option available for Syslog forwarding. It is now possible the add the original source of a message when forwarding to another syslog server.
  • Fixed some minor bugs in the WinSyslog Client.
  • WinSyslog has a new enhanced installer now. Users can now download a smaller install set which will download the Windows Installer only if necessary (it typically is not necessary under Windows 2000, Windows XP and systems with Office 2000 or above installed). In most cases this will reduce the download time.
  • Some minor bug fixes in the client application

WinSyslog 3.6 (Build 122/ Client 3.6.112)
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