WinSyslog 5.0 (Build 334)

Release Date: 2003-06-18

This version has been released to the public on 2003-06-18. It offers these new benefits:

  • New Scaleable and flexible Filterengine

    – The new filter engine as very powerful, you can build complex filter conditions like known from Microsoft Network Monitor. A note for existing WinSyslog Users. After update, you have to start the WinSysogClient first. This is important, because it will automatically import your existing filters into the new Filter system.

  • New Actions
  • Call RuleSet Action

    – This Action is used to call another RuleSet for processing.

  • Set Status Action

    – Used to set an internal status variable. Can be used together with the Status Filter. The manual will contain more information about the Status Engine in future.

  • Add Comments

    – You can Add Comments under Services, RuleSets, Rules and Actions now. This is useful if you want to write down some notes.

  • New Import / Export functions

    – It is now possible to Import or Export the registry settings by using a binary format.

  • Import / Export RuleSets

    – You can Import / Export complete RuleSets into a XML Based format (Right click a RuleSet). This can be very useful if you want to duplicate RuleSets for example. The Client uses its own file extension here (.wsx = WiNSyslog XML) which is also bound to the Client. That means double-clicking such a File will automatically invoke the Client to import the RuleSet.

  • Syslog Service

    – Enhanced the message handling (RFC 3164) to also accept not valid RFC Syslog tags.

  • Database Logging Action enhanced

    – You can now use the new function “Create Database” to create a MonitorWare Agent valid database.

  • Client enhancements

    – All fields which specifies seconds are replaced with a Combobox with predefined time values. It is also possible to configure custom values.

  • SETP Receiver and Sender added

    – Only available in the Enterprise Version. Support SSL Encryption as well.

  • Instant Help added

    – Right click everything in the configuration Treeview, and you will see a list of helpful FAQ Article’s in the HowTo-Submenu.

  • Custom Message Format

    – Fully custom able message can be configured for FileLogging, Send Email and Net send.

  • File Logging

    – Added support for circular logging.

  • Send Email

    – Added support for SMTP Authentication

  • Run in foreground prompt

    – Added support to run the service executable as an interactive application in the foreground (in(at a command prompt) . Use the “-r” switch to do this.

  • Process Priority

    – You can now configure WinSyslog’s default process priority within the debug options.

  • Some bug fixes
WinSyslog 5.0 (Build 334)
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