WinSyslog 5.0 Final Released

Adiscon today announced the immediate availability of WinSyslog 5.0 FINAL release. “I am proud to announce this feature-rich new major release” says President Rainer Gerhards, “with it, WinSyslog offers even more capabilities – many of them based on customer requests”.

The most important changes are new, highly flexible filter engine, support for SNMP and SETP, the later including an option to SSL encrypt the data stream. Of course, there are also a lot of other new features and changes. They are, among others:

  • New Scaleable and flexible Filterengine
    • The new filter engine as very powerful, you can build complex filter conditions like known from Microsoft Network Monitor. New Actions
  • SNMP trap messages are now supported
  • SETP Receiver and Sender added
  • SSL encrypted message forwarding via SETP
  • New Call RuleSet Action
    • this Action is used to call another RuleSet for processing.
  • Set Status Action
    • used to set an internal status variable. Can be used together with the Status Filter.
  • Comments!
    • You can now add comments under Services, RuleSets, Rules and Actions now.
  • New Import / Export functions
    • allow binary export of rule sets & configurations
  • Enhanced RFC 3164 message handling to permit non-standard syslog tags.
  • Database Logging Action enhanced
    • You can now use the new function “Create Database” to create a MonitorWare Agent valid database.
  • Client enhancements
    • All fields which specifies seconds are replaced with a Combobox with predefined time values. It is also possible to configure custom values.
  • Usability enhancements
    • the configuration client has been upgraded to support more context-sensitve help and assistance.
  • Custom Message Format
    • Fully custom able message can be configured for FileLogging, Send Email and Net send.
  • File Logging now supports circular logging
  • Send Email action now supports authenticated email drop-off
  • Configurable Process Priority to fine-tune WinSyslogs behaviour
  • Ability to run as a foreground process
    • for those who do not like to run additional system services.
  • and, of course, some bug fixes…

For more details, please read the Version History.

Please note that the WinSyslog licensing model has changed with release 5.0.
Let’s listen to what Rainer Gerhards says: “Adiscon tries hard to keep a reasonable pricing and we are proud of not increasing the price of the base product. However, we would like to see that those customers using WinSyslog in a large environment do a little more to fund development. For example, if I see a datacenter with hundereds of routers logging to a single WinSyslog box – wouldn’t it be fair that they pay a little more than a small buisiness with just a handful of routers?”. Adiscon has created so-called “client licenses” in this spirit. WinSyslog now comes in 4 different editions, each permitting a different number of clients. Even the basic product permits up to 50 clients (e.g. routers, other systems) to send data to the WinSyslog server. Please visit the WinSyslog edition comparison page for full details.

WinSyslog 5.0 is a free download found at Adiscon’s web site. Interested users should download and try out the version.

WinSyslog 5.0 is a free update for UpgradeInsurance customers. If you are eligible for the free update, please contact us via email at with your UpgradeInsurance details.

WinSyslog 5.0 Final Released
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