WinSyslog 6.1 Final (Build Service

Release Date: 2005-09-14

Build-IDs: Service, Client

New Minor Additions
  • Store Filter Results

    – If a filter matches, you can now store the result of the match into a custom property. This custom property can be used in Actions later.

  • Enhanced Debug Logging

    – Support for circular Debuglogging has been added as the debuglog can increase and increase over time. This will avoid an accidential overload of the harddisk.

  • Send Email Action

    – Support for multiple recipients in the address line hasbeen added. These multiple recipients can be delimited by space, comma or semicolon.

  • Japanese character handling

    – On Japanese Systems, the character handling is different and if you experience problems with the encoding of received messages, kindly turn on the new Option “Special Unicode Conversion for Japanese Systems”.

  • Property Replacer Option

    – “convgermuml” for “Convert German Umlauts” as been added. If present, any German Umlauts and “ß” will be changed to their official replacement (e.g Ä –> Ae, ß –> ss).

  • Fully XML Export&Import of Settings

    – It is now possible to save the whole configuration as XML. You can edit this XML, duplicate Services, Rules or Actions and reimport the Settings. This is very useful to sort and order large configurations.

  • SetProperty Action

    – You can now set every property and custom properties using this action.

Bug Fixes
  • SNMP Trap Receiver

    – Added a new Option to fully resolve SNMP Mibs with their full path and name.

    – Mibs were not fully initialized in some cases, which caused that they could not be resolved in some cases.

  • Send Email Action

    – When the connection to a SMTP Server was closed unexpected, this could cause program termination of MWAgent. The error handling has been enhanced to avoid this.

    – Fixed a memory leak that was caused by invalid SMTP authentication.

  • SMNP Action

    – When a SNMP Mib could not be found, following Mibs were not loaded correctly.

  • ODBC Error Handling

    – Under stress circumstances, MSSQL/MySQL Database Servers can die while writing into the database. Additional error handling to handle such cases gracefully have been added. However there is not much MWAgent can do about it then retrying and if you experiencing such problems, it might be a good Idea to upgrade the database machine.

  • Better TCP Connection Handling

    – For example for Syslog over TCP, the handling has been optimized and is much more reliable now. Even if the TCP Server dies in background, it is been reinitialized.

  • General Retry Logic for Services

    – If a Service dies, for what reason ever, it is internally restarted and initialized to keep the MWAgents tasks running. An error will be logged in such cases.

  • Bogus Error Messages during shutdown

    – Sometimees such error messages were generated on shutdown, this has been fixed now.

  • Wrong time calculation

    – In some cases the Time was not correctly converted after send over SETP.

  • RFC3164 Parsing

    – Fixed a bug that caused the RFC3164 Parsing randomly not to work.

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WinSyslog 6.1 Final (Build Service
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