WinSyslog 7.1 Final (Build Service

Release Date: 2006-07-10

Build-IDs: Service 7.1.434, Client 7.1.325

New Additions
  • New Action: Resolve Hostname Action

    – Customers asked for resolve hostname options in different services. This feature has now been implemented as an action. An action can be used with every service, and it does not delay the work of a service.

  • Filter Engine

    – Added new feature to enhance the global filter conditions Minimum Waittime and Fire only if Event Occurs… called "Global Conditions relative to this property". This new feature enables you to control the Global Conditions based on a property. For example take the source of a message as property. In this case, the minimum waittime for example would be applied individual on each message source.

  • Global DNS Cache

    – All DNS queries are now cached within the engine, by default for at least 2 hours. This will increase the processing speed of the engine if you use resolve hostname options somewhere. The global cache can be customized and also disabled in general options.

  • Syslog Server

    – Added support for control character escapes, so far for the UDP Syslog Listener only. Most importantly, this enables the handling of NUL characters, which so far caused the message to be truncated at the NUL.

    – Added support for control character escaping the the tcp-based syslog server

  • Send Email Action

    – Added a new Option to enable a Backup Email Server. This means in case that the connection to the main configured mail server can not be established, the backup mail server is tried. Note that an error is only generated, if the connection to the backup server fails as well.

Bug Fixes
  • Syslog Service

    – If a Syslog Server was configured using the TCP protocol, the resolve hostame option did not work. This has been corrected now.

  • File Logging Action

    – A bug was introduced in the circular logging option in the latest major version. This bug caused the previous file to be deleted, each time when a new cycle occured.

  • Property Replacer

    – When a search condition in ToPos was used AND the search lead to a position immediately after the FromPost (thus 1 character to copy), this was not correctly detected. Instead, a non-find was detected and the rest of the message copied.

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WinSyslog 7.1 Final (Build Service
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