WinSyslog 7.3 Final Released

Adiscon is proud to announce the 7.3 release of WinSyslog. This release contains some new features and some bug fixes, but most important, better support for Windows Vista. Find a list of changes below:

  • SETP Server – Added new Option “Notify Sender about Rule Action Error’s”. Use this option to have Rule error processing control over SETP as well. Attention! If you enable this feature, older MonitorWare Agent/EventReporter/WinSyslog Versions (4.2.x/8.2.x/7.2.x and below ) may have trouble sending data over SETP once a Rule Exception occurs! If you intend to use this feature, make sure all MonitorWare Agent/EventReporter/WinSyslog Installations are at least Version 4.3.x/8.2.x/7.2.x.
  • Vista Compatibility – Added full support for Windows Vista. Which includes enhancing the Installer and the WinSyslog Service.
  • Forward Syslog Action – Added support for sending syslog messages in compressed form using zlib. Added support for syslog-transport-tls framing in the syslog sender when used with tcp and compression (the framing itself can not yet be forced)
  • OLEDB/ODBC Action – Added support for MSSQL Stored Procedures. You can now select between an INSERT and Call Statement, which is Microsoft specific for stored procedures. This means also this type of SQL statement will only work if MSSQL is used as database.

More details can be found in the version history

Version 7.3 is a free download. Customers with existing 6.x keys can contact our Sales department for upgrade prices. If you have a valid Upgrade Insurance ID, you can request a free new key by sending your Upgrade Insurance ID to Please note that the download enables the free 30-day trial version if used without a key – so you can right now go ahead and evaluate it.

WinSyslog 7.3 Final Released
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