WinSyslog 8.0 Final (Build Service 8.0.451/Client 8.0.360)

Release Date: 2007-08-22

Build-IDs: Service 8.0.451, Client 8.0.360

New Additions
  • Forward Syslog Action

    – Added support for sending multiple messages over a persistent syslog/TCP connection.

    – Added capability to force -transport-tls like octet-counted framing for syslog/TCP connections.

    – Added a new major feature into this Action, Diskqueue. This new option is only available for TCP based Syslog. Whenever a connection to a remote syslog server failes, the action starts caching the syslog messages in a local temp file. The folder for these files can be configured. You do not need to worry about multiple Actions using this feature, the filenames are generated using a unique GUID which is automatically generated for each Action. Once the Syslog target becomes available again, the cached messages are being sent automatically. If you restart the Service while the Syslog Cache was active, it cannot be checked during service startup if the Syslog target is available now. Once the action is called again, the check is done and if the syslog target is available, the messages are being sent. The size of this cache is only limited by the disk size. Files are splitted by 10MB by default, but this can also be configured. The maximum supported file size is 2GB.

  • TCP Based Actions (Forward Syslog, Send Email)

    – Added a Send/Receive TimeOut of 30 seconds into these actions to avoid possible lockdowns of a service. So applies only if the Syslog Action was configured with TCP.

  • Syslog Listener– Added capability to work with -transport-tls framing on the syslog server side.

    – Implemented the compressed syslog receiver for syslog over UDP and TCP.

  • Core / Command Line

    – Added a new command line option -o. This MUST be specified together with -r and MUST be immediately after -r (as the second option). If specified, the service does a single run of InforSources supporting that property and then terminates. So far, only the event log monitor supports this option.

  • Forward Syslog/Setp Action

    – It is now possible to configure a service name for the port instead of a number only. This service name will be used to make a port lookup in the system services file. This feature was added by a customer request.

  • Unified Setup

    – The Win32 and x64 edition are now unified in one installation package! This means ONE Setup, both editions – automatically detected during the installation. So if you install MonitorWare Agent on a Win32 based System, the Win32 Version of the Service will be installed. If you install MonitorWare Agent on a x64 based system, the x64 Version of the service will be installed.

  • Filter Engine

    – Added new special Filter called “FileExists”, this filter kindly checks if a file does exist or not.

Bug Fixes
  • Core Engine

    – Fixed a bug which truncated a message to zero when EUC-JP Encoding was
    enabled for output. This problem occured in the FileWrite and Forward Syslog
    Action, and possibly in other Actions as well.

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WinSyslog 8.0 Final (Build Service 8.0.451/Client 8.0.360)
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