WinSyslog 9.0 Final (Build Service 9.0.468/Client 9.0.409)

Release Date: 2008-11-24

Build-IDs: Service 9.0.468, Client 9.0.409

New Additions
  • Write Eventlog Action

    – Added support to write your own custom Eventlogtypes. The custom event log will automatically be created when the action is used the first time.

  • Core Engine

    – Added new encoding options for UTF8 and UTF16. These encodings can be chosen in many actions like the Forward Syslog Action, the WriteFile Action or the SendEmail Action. The WriteFile Action also has the additional option to write UTF16 files now.

  • InterActive SyslogViewer

    – Added support for additional encoding when exporting Syslog messages into a file. UTF-8, UTF-8 (with preamble), UTF-16 (Little Endian), UTF-16 (Big Endian) and ANSI are available as encoding.

  • New Filtertype: IPFilter

    – The new filtertype makes it possible to filter for IP Ranges. The IP Filter can basically work on any property, but we recommend to only use it on the %source% property, as we usually can be sure that this is contains a valid IP Address or hostname. The IP Filter can filter against hostnames and IP Addresses, hostnames are automatically resolved using the internal DNSCache (for obvious performance reasons).

  • Configuration Client

    – Added support to export and import Services by using the XML Format.

    – The Client can also import xml configuration files by using the command prompt now.

Bug Fixes
  • Configuration Client

    – Fixed minor issues with the XML Import/Export function of the Client.

  • Filter Engine

    – A bug was fixed that caused problems loading the CustomerID and SystemID filters. They are now correctly loaded and processed.

  • Debug Logging

    – A bug in the debug facility caused file handles to leak when debug logging was enabled with the circular logging option. This has been fixed now.

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WinSyslog 9.0 Final (Build Service 9.0.468/Client 9.0.409)
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