WinSyslog x64 Edition Rolling Beta released

Adiscon today announced the first x64 based Version of WinSyslog Rolling Beta. This is an important step forward in the development of WinSyslog. We can now benefit from the new possibilities the x64 platform gives us.

Currently there are two Rolling Beta setups available. One for the win32 platform (which also runs on x64) and one for the x64 platform which runs native on x64 systems. For more detailed information’s see the Rolling Beta Forum Thread. At the moment you can NOT cross update between this versions. If you want to upgrade a running win32 installation with the x64 version, you will have to follow these instructions:

  1. Backup the WinSyslog registry settings by using the WinSyslog Client (do not use BINARY format!)
  2. Uninstall WinSyslog using Add/Remove programs
  3. Install the x64 Edition of WinSyslog
  4. Import your settings by double-clicking the previous saved registry file.
  5. Start the WinSyslog Client, check if the WinSyslog is running and review the Eventlog for possible error’s.

In order to make the migration from Win32 to x64 as painless as possible, the x64 Version of WinSyslog does use the same registry hive to store and read it’s configuration as the Win32 version. Also note that there are not many ODBC drivers which work in x64 native mode, however WinSyslog was successfully tested with the SQL Native ODBC Driver.

As written above, you will find more Information’s and the Download link in the Rolling Beta Forum Thread.

WinSyslog x64 Edition Rolling Beta released
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