Creating a sample WinSyslog 4.2 configuration

In this online Seminar, Wajih-ur-Rehman uses a freshly installed copy of WinSyslog and has it write to a text file as well as generate email alerts if a specifc string is present inside the message.

The specific requirements achieved during this session are:

  • WinSyslog will receive syslog messages over the standard port of 514/UDP
  • All received messages should be stored to the local file system. There should be one file for each device that is sending syslog messages
  • Messages containing the string “Alert” should generate an email alert to

This is a common scenario often asked for. Besides the actual configuration, the seminar gives a good idea on how the configuration client can be used to configure rule sets. It also shows how multiple actions can be configured in a single rule set.

Click here to start the seminarplease note that it was taken at 800 by 600 screen resolution.

For best viewing experience, please maximize the Media Player Window. In order to view the seminar, Windows Media Player is required (preferably version 7 or higher). If you do not have Windows Media Player, please visit Microsoft’s web site for a free download.

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Creating a sample WinSyslog 4.2 configuration
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