Creating a sample WinSyslog 4.2 configuration

In this online Seminar, Wajih-ur-Rehman uses a freshly installed copy of WinSyslog and has it write to a text file as well as generate email alerts if a specifc string is present inside the message. The specific requirements achieved during this session are: WinSyslog will receive syslog messages over the standard port of 514/UDP All […]

How To Export the Configuration and Create a Debug Log File

How To Export the Configuration and Create a Debug Log File Article created 2017-11-15 by Pascal Withopf This Article describes you how you can export the configuration of your program and create a debug file. These are needed for troubleshooting. The Article is applicable to EventReporter, MonitorWare Agent and WinSyslog. How to Export the Configuration […]

How to configure Monilog?

For Configuring MoniLog You would need: 1 MoniLog to automatically generate consolidated reports based on the gathered log data at the central server. To deliver MoniLog reports, you need a local web server (for example Microsoft’s IIS or Apache) and a mail server capable of talking SMTP (most modern servers support this). You need administrative […]

Creating a simple Syslog Server

Last updated 2016-08-26 by Jan Gerhards, using Winsyslog 13.2. In this scenario, a simple Syslog server will be created. No other services are configured. The Syslog server will operate as a standard Syslog server on the default port of 514/UDP. All incoming data will be written to a single text file. Step 1 – Defining a […]

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