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What is UpgradeInsurance?

UpgradeInsurance offers unlimited free upgrades as well as priority support. It is available for all Adiscon products. Adiscon products are being developed on an ongoing basis. New operating system releases, changes to the usual system environment, new features – all kind of things require a product to be adopted to the changing environment. We are […]

Welcome to Seminars Online

Do you need help using Adiscon’s products? No problem, find free online seminars right here! Currently, we have only few seminars available, but expand this selection continuously. 1. MonitorWare Line of Products   a) MonitorWare Console: A MonitorWare Console Overview [128 KBps] [28.8 KBps] Views Module explained [128 KBps] [28.8 KBps] Reporting Module explained [128 […]

RFC 3164

RFC 3164 is a IETF document. It describes how syslog messages have been seen in traditional implementations. RFC 3164 is not a standard but rather a descriptive (“informational” in IETF terms) document. It does not demand a specific behaviour but rather documents what has been seen. Some existing implementations of real-world syslog use different formats. […]

Performance Tests and Results

Determining the overall performance of a tool is not an easy task. Adiscon sometimes gets asked what the actual performance values for products like WinSyslog and MonitorWare Agent are, especially the processing rate of received syslog messages. This cannot be answered easily, because there are a lot of factors to be considered. Here are the […]

WinSyslog 13.2a Released

Release Date: 2016-05-02 Build-IDs: Service 13.2.541, Client  Features   Syslog Server: Added support for multiple message separators. Configuration Client: Added support to read and wrote settings by using remote registry services. Requires remote registry service and sufficient access rights.      Bugfixes   Syslog Server: Fixed source property issue introduced in 13.2. Configuration client: […]

WinSyslog 13.2 Released

Release Date: 2016-04-04 Build-IDs: Service 13.2.540, Client  Features   Components: Updated NET-SNMP and OpenSSL 1.0.2e. Engine: Enabled support to parse MIBs with labels that contain underscores. When using TLS Mode x509/Name, permitted peers will also checked against the certificate Subject Alternative Name (SAN) now. Syslog Action: Added wait time doubling option for the […]

WinSyslog 13.1 Released

Release Date: 2015-06-02 Build-IDs: Service 13.1.535, Client  Features   All internal errors are now logged into the EventLog when “Event Warnings” are enabled in general options. Added Rule Date Conditions. By default a rule will always be processed. It can be set to only process messages generated since the installation or custom date. Syslog […]

WinSyslog 13.0 Released

Release Date: 2015-02-17 Build-IDs: Service 13.0.531, Client  Features   Faster core engine New Configuration Client running on Microsoft .Net Framework. If wanted, the old client application can be installed manually as “WinSyslog Legacy Client”. The Application can be switched from registry to file based configuration support. Requires usage of the new configuration client. New […]

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