What is the log file format for generating reports with Monilog?

What are the settings that I would have to make such that the log file is generated in a format that is acceptable to Monilog?

There are a few things that have to be set in order to generate a log file that would be read by Monilog for Reporting purposes

1. Event Log Monitor Setting

The following checkboxes should be checked for Event Log Monitor Service. This must be done by clicking the “Advanced Options” tab. The rest of the “base options” should be leaved at default settings:

Figure 1: Event Log Monitor Service Settings

2. Forward Via Syslog Settings

In Forward via Syslog Action, you would see a “Message Format” option. From the “Insert” menu entry select “Replace with Monilog Format“. Please Note: It is very important that you uncheck the “Add Syslog Source when forwarding to other Syslog servers” Option. Your settings should be like this:

Figure 2: Forward Via Syslog Action Settings

3. Syslog Listener Settings

Please note that the “Enable RFC 3164 Parsing” should be checked

Figure 3: Syslog Listener Service Settings

4. Write to File Action Settings

Please note that you should leave all settings at the default settings for “FileLogging Action”. If you changed anything in your default options, please adapt your settings to those who are shown on the following screenshot:

Figure 4: Write to File Action Settings

With the above mentioned settings, Monilog will successfully generate the report on the log file that has been generated.

What is the log file format for generating reports with Monilog?
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