Database Formats

These sample here implement the MonitorWare Common Database Format in widely used database systems. Attention Sybase users: the “Message” name is reserved in your database system and cannot be used as a field name. It needs to be changed, otherwise the table create will fail. Be sure to also change it in to client database […]

Is SMS-alerting possible with a GSM modem and the Send to Communications Port-Action?

Which tools to use … Every of our products (EventReporter, MonitorWare Agent and WinSyslog) contain a action which is able to send messages to the communications port of the PC. The question is, if it is possible, to use a GSM modem connected to this port for realtime SMS alerting. The “Send to communication port”-action […]

Default Timevalues Setting in WinSyslog explained.

  The general options of each product (EventReporter, MonitorWare Agent and WinSyslog) contain a setting for the “Default Timevalues”. This setting can be set to Localtime and UTC (Universal Coordinated Time) which is default. If you switch this setting to Localtime, you may wounder why output timevalues still are in UTC. Internally we need to […]

How to use Stored Procedures with ‘write database’?

  EventReporter, MonitorWare Agent and WinSyslog support stored procedures in their ‘write database’ actions. This option is supported for Microsoft SQL Server only. With other database systems, it might work, but Adiscon does not guarantee it. Stored procedures are used just like database tables. The main difference is that instead of the table name, the […]

To what extent MonitorWare Agent 4.x / WinSyslog 7.x Support SNMP?

  I am using MonitorWare Agent 4.x / WinSyslog 7.x on my NT Server. To what extent MonitorWare Agent 4.x / WinSyslog 7.x Support SNMP? MonitorWare Agent and WinSyslog are capable of either sending or receiving SNMP Traps. Usually SNMP Traps are used by network devices to report status messages to the managing system. Our […]

What is the log file format for generating reports with Monilog for MonitorWare Agent, WinSyslog and EventReporter?

  I am using MonitorWare Agent 4.x / EventReporter 8.x / WinSyslog 7.x What are the settings that I would have to make such that the log file is generated in a format that is acceptable to Monilog? There are a few things that have to be set in order to generate a log file […]

How to process Syslog messages from Solaris 8/9 systems?

  This article describes how to workaround problems which occur when you are receiving and processing Syslog messages from Solaris 8/9 systems. The Problem: The problem exists in the way, the Syslog messages are formatted from Solaris 8/9. As an example, we take the following sample Syslog message: <38>Aug  2 11:49:23 su: [ID 366847 auth.info] ‘su […]

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