WinSyslog 11.1 Released

Release Date: 2012-03-05

Build-IDs: Service 11.1.505, Client 11.0.482



  • Forward Syslog Action:
    Added support for real UDP Spoofing, currently for IPv4 only. Please read the manual for more details on UDP Spoofing.
    Added core engine support for new “CEE enhanced Syslog Format” – currently not useful by itself (will be in future versions)
  • Core Engine:
    Optimized Core code and increased overall processing speed of messages up to 100%.





  • SNMP Trap Receiver:
    Fixed a problem receiving traps with invalid source properties.
  • ODBC Action:
    Hardened code against driver related crashes.
  • Forward Syslog Action:
    Optimized Code and removed some unnecessary calls for UDP syslog messages.
  • Core Engine:
    Updated OpenSSL Code to 1.0.0g and build library without dll support. This means the openssl dll are not needed anymore.
    Fixed internal SSL Server issue. Due a bug, the wrong certificate could be used if multiple SSL enabled Services were configured.
    Fixed a bug closing Sockets which was introduced with the IPv6 enhancements.

You can download Free Trial Version of WinSyslog.

WinSyslog 11.1 Released
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