WinSyslog 4.0 Final Released

Adiscon today announced the immediate availability of WinSyslog 4.0 final release.
Version 4.0 is a major improvement over the 3.x releases. It comes with a newly designed enhanced multi-threading background service (the so-called “engine”). It offers superior syslog performance and even further enhanced reaction to system events.

There are numerous enhancements. Here are some of the most important ones:

  • Multiple syslog servers – a single WinSyslog instance can now run multiple syslog servers, each one listening to different ports.
  • TCP support – syslog messages can now also be received via TCP.
  • Multiple Rule Bases – each syslog server instance can have a specific rule base assigned.
  • Large Burst Support – WinSyslog has a unique high performance engine that guarantees message buffering during even during the most extreme burst traffic.
  • Many more Filter Conditions – like time of day, weekday, message occurrence and more. Allows extremely flexible message processing.
  • Great New Actions – to be carried out as a result of receiving a specific message. For example, processes can now be started (for example VB scripts or batch files).
  • WinSyslog Interactive Server now a separate Program – this makes it easier from a usability point of view. Also greatly improved the speed of the display under Windows XP.
  • Improved documentation – now available as an easy to use Windows help file. Also includes step-by-step guides for configuring many devices.
    Also available online in PDF format.

For more details, please read the Version History.

WinSyslog 4.0 is a free update for UpgradeInsurance customers as well as those who purchased WinSyslog 3.7 after the announcement of RC2 on 2002-02-20. If you are eligible for the free update, please contact us via email at with your license details.

WinSyslog 4.0 is a free download found at Adiscon’s web site. Interested users should download and try out the version.

WinSyslog 4.0 Final Released
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