WinSyslog 4.1 (Build 308)

Release Date: 2002-04-10

This version has been released to the public on 2002-04-10. It offers these new benefits:

  • Includes Spanish and Japanese language support
  • The Interactive Syslog Server now does support all 5 languages, including French (which was missing in the 4.0 release).
  • New service: heartbeat – can be used to periodically send “I am alive” packts to other syslog servers.
  • Improved configuration client: configuration changes can now automatically be saved without user intervention.
  • Greatly improved performance for the “write to file” and “write to database” actions
  • Greatly simplified the configuration process to create one syslog message file for each reporting system (an often requested feature).
  • New “set property” action allows to overwrite some message properties. Great for renaming devices.
  • Documentation updates, including added device-specific step-by-step guides

WinSyslog 4.1 (Build 308)
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