WinSyslog 4.2 (Build 316)

Release Date: 2002-06-18

This version has been released to the public on 2002-06-18. It offers these new benefits:

  • German and French are now available consistently throughout the product screens.
  • Much improved Japanese language support. The output encoding (EUC, JIS, SJIS) can now be selected for email and syslog forward actions.
  • Incoming message can now be filtered based on a lower, higher or equal syslog priority. Previously, only an exact match was supported. This greatly simplifies rule creation in common scenarios.
  • Replacement characters are now supported in the “Start Program” action. This allows e.g. to pass the source system or message content to an external program.
  • Improved syslog over TCP receiver – offers greater compatibility and more options.
  • Support for debugging complex rule bases (log file can be written)
  • Interactive Syslog Server can now be instructed not to scroll incoming messages as they arrive – often requested to save client machine performance.
  • New exclude filters based on message content (all previous versions supported include filters, only)
  • Support for SMTP authentication added
  • File logger does now allow concurrent reads and writes to the log file. So it can be reviewed e.g. with notepad while it is constantly being written.
  • Support for Windows XP visual styles added.
  • Database schema change to capture new data and provide seamless interaction with upcoming changes and new products like the new web interface or the MonitorWare console.
  • Enhanced WinSyslog Web Access based on the former web interface now part of the core product.
  • Some bug fixes

WinSyslog 4.2 (Build 316)
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