WinSyslog 5.1 (Build 347)

Release Date: 2004-03-17

This version has been released to the public on 2004-03-17. It offers these new benefits:

  • Added new Action PlaySound

    – This new action can be used to play a wave file once or more often.

  • New Options in FileMonitor added

    – Timemode used for Filename: Configure which timemode will be used to generate the filename (either UTC or localtime). Report on error if File was not found: As the name says, if this setting is enabled, an error will be reported in the Eventlog if the file was not found.

  • SendEMail Action

    -Added “Insert” button for the Subject field in the Configuration Client.

  • Stability

    – Minor other stability changes.

  • Added a new Action called “Send to Communications Port”

    – This new action can send any message to a configured Serial or Printer port.

  • Added DtrControlFlow and RtsControlFlow option into the “Send to Communications Port” action.
  • Enhanced Client

    – Enhanced WinSyslog Client Wizards (For Actions, Services and RuleSets).

  • Increased Useability

    – Minor other WinSyslog Client enhancments to increase it’s useablility.

  • Raw Syslog Handled

    – Raw Syslog data is handled. This solves an issue while relaying messages and writing them to raw log files.

WinSyslog 5.1 (Build 347)
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