How To setup SETP Server Service

Last updated 2016-09-01 by Jan Gerhards, using Winsyslog 13.2.

1. First, right click on “Services”, then select “Add Service” and the “SETP Server”.

2. Now you will see a newly created service called “SETP Sever” in the tree view. This will be selected by default after creating the service.

3. The service will be created using default parameters, wich you could change now. In this example, we will leave everything as it is.
However, we will rename the service to “My SETP Server”.

4. Now we still need to set a ruleset for this service to work with. Since we have no configured ruleset available at the moment, simply use the Default RuleSet, if it’s not being used automatically.

5. Last, save the change and then restart the application. This procedure completes the configuration of the SETP server.

The Application cannot dynamically read changed configurations. As such, it needs to be restarted after such changes.

How To setup SETP Server Service
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