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How To setup SETP Server Service

Last updated 2016-09-01 by Jan Gerhards, using Winsyslog 13.2. 1. First, right click on “Services”, then select “Add Service” and the “SETP Server”. 2. Now you will see a newly created service called “SETP Sever” in the tree view. This will be selected by default after creating the service. 3. The service will be created using […]

Database Formats

These sample here implement the MonitorWare Common Database Format in widely used database systems. Attention Sybase users: the “Message” name is reserved in your database system and cannot be used as a field name. It needs to be changed, otherwise the table create will fail. Be sure to also change it in to client database […]

How To setup PIX centralized Monitoring with MonitorWare Console 3.0

Adiscon Products can be used to efficiently analyze PIX traffic as well. This article is strictly task focused. It does not describe why the systems should be monitored nor does it provide any further background. Please see the respective backgrounders or product documentation on this. This article is a step-by-step description of what you need […]

How To setup Windows centralized Monitoring

Please Note: This article is valid for EventReporter, WinSyslog and MonitorWare Agent in addition to MonitorWare Console! Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/Windows 7 systems monitoring is really important for all small to large sized environments. The MonitorWare line of products helps to accomplish this important task. This article is to help you establish a small setup to monitor […]

Creating a Rule Set for Database Logging

Last updated 2016-09-23 by Pascal Withopf, using Winsyslog 13.3. This is a very quick step-by-step guide. It essentially is a step in multiple configurations. You can refer to this guide whenever you need to add database logging to one of your services. To define a new rule set, right click “RuleSets”. A pop up menu will […]

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