Why does the Client remain at the older version after “successfully” upgrading to newer version?

  Do you experience a problem similar to the following? – After the upgrade, the client reported to have updated the service to 7.x but the client was still version 6.x. Then you are right here. This is cause the old setups where made with an installshield version, which was bugged at this time. To […]

Hardware Configurations for Receiving Messages

I want to receive messages from various sources on my central server. What should be the hardware configurations for it? It depends on the average and expected number of messages that each of the devices will generate. In general, you can write the syslog data to a SQL database. HOWEVER, the SQL server performance is […]

Authentication problem while using MySQL Version 4.X

I am facing problem while writing to MySQL 4.X database using Write to Database action. What should I do? This issue is related to MySQL authentication protocol built in MySQL 4.1 and above versions. This protocol is based on password hashing algorithm that is not compatible with the one used by older clients and stores […]

Which Product Should I Purchase?

1. Overview This article gives an overview of MonitorWare Line of Products and provides a guideline to select the right product. This article discusses EventReporter, MonitorWare Agent, WinSyslog, MonitorWare Console, Monilog and AliveMon. MonitorWare Agent, WinSyslog and EventReporter work on common concepts but target different needs. They also come in different editions and versions. Click […]

What is the recommended order of Stopping MonitorWare Agent / EventReporter / WinSyslog Service?

I have MonitorWare Agent / EventReporter / WinSyslog Service on my W2K machine. And I am using Online Viewer with MSSQL as the backend. I have to reboot the machine after automatic updates for the OS or for periodical maintenance. What is the recommended order of Stopping MonitorWare Agent / EventReporter / WinSyslog Service? This […]

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