How to run MonitorWareLine Products on Windows Cluster Servers?


You want to run i.e. WinSyslog on a Windows 2003 Cluster but you are not sure if it will work properly on this platform and if there are any particular issues to be aware of in this configuration?

In our sample, we will use WinSyslog, but it also works with EventReporter or MonitorWare Agent.
From the technical point, WinSyslog can run on a Cluster-Node without any problems.
However there is no failsave or direct Cluster Support within WinSyslog.
This means in detail: if you want to run WinSyslog on other nodes, in case one node fails, you have to do the following:

Step 1

Set the Service Startup on all nodes to manual, expect on the node where you want to run WinSyslog mainly.

Figure1: setting service start to manual

To do so, go into the Windows Service Manager (Start -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services) and look for the specific service name (in our case AdisconWINSyslog). Right click and select Properties from the upcoming dropdown menu. Set the startup type to manual, click apply and then ok.
Please note: Do not configure the Service to start manually on the main node!

Step 2

Mirror the configuration between the nodes manually by exporting & importing the configurations.

Figure2: mirror configuration

Our Products have the functionality to export an exact snapshot of the current configuration. This is done via standard Windows registry files. You can export your configuration on device a and import it on device b, which then has exactly the same configuration as device a.

To use it, please do the following:

  • Go to “Computer Menu”
  • Choose “Export Settings to Registry-File” (be sure NOT to select a binary format – they are only for special purposes. You can also NOT review binary files for security-relevant data.) Please also note that you can export in Win32 or x64 format so please choose the right one for your system.
  • Save this registry file.

Otherwise just install WinSyslog on your main node, it will run without any problems.

How to run MonitorWareLine Products on Windows Cluster Servers?
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