What is Freeware Mode

Adiscon cares for the home user. There are two versions of WinSyslog
the – “InterActive SyslogViewer” and “WinSyslog
Professional”. The free edition is targeted to the home user. It offers a
free, interactive scrolling display of received syslog messages. The 60 most
current messages can be viewed in the mode. There is no time limit for this
functionality. This mode is referred to as “Freeware Mode”.

The Professional edition offers advanced capabilities like logging to
file or database and an enhanced  rule processing engine.

After installation, the product starts as Professional version. If the
professional version is not purchased within 30 days, the product automatically
switches to freeware mode. So there is no need to worry about unlicensed usage
in this case.

What is Freeware Mode
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