RFC 3195

RFC 3195 is a IETF standard. It specifies how syslog messages can reliably be transmitted via a TCP connection. RFC 3195 optionally allows for message encryption and authentication of sender and reciver.

Adiscon’s MonitorWare line of products implement the core RFC 3195 protocol (actually, Adiscon was the first one to do this on the Windows platform). Under UNIX, rsyslog and SDSC syslog are known to support RFC 3195. Our liblogging project enables your own applications to “talk” 3195.

The formal specification for RFC 3195 can be found in the IETF RFC repository.

During its creation, RFC 3195 was known as “syslog-reliable”. Many people still use this name to refer to it.

Further information on RFC 3195 and currently available implementations can be found at http://www.syslog.cc/ietf/rfcs/3195.html. There is also a mailing list available for implementors and users of RFC 3195.

RFC 3195
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