WinSyslog 13.3 Final (Build Service 13.3.546/Client 13.3.585)

Release Date: 2016-09-19

Build-IDs: Service 13.3.546, Client 13.3.585


  • OpenSSL library updated to 1.0.2h.
  • Adiscon SNMP Mib:
    • Changed DisplayString limit from 255 characters to 65536. Now, strings above 255 characters can be send using the adiscon mibs.
  • Permitted Senders:
    • If enabled, these senders cannot be deleted during runtime and have to be configured. Otherwise localhost will be used as default.



  • Send Syslog Action:
    • Fixed an issue with the “Disable processing, forward as it is” Option. RawSyslogMsg property is used instead of msg property.
  • Send Relp Action:
    • Fixed an issue in the Session Close shutdown procedure which could lead to leaking sessions on Relp Servers.
    • Fixed an issue setting a proper status on failure.
    • Fixed a problem handling socket failures.
  • File Action:
    • Fixed issue detecting the last used file on startup when Circular Logging is enabled.
  • Relp Listener:
    • Fixed Socketsystem startup if only one Relp Listener Service was configured without any other network related services.
  • Syslog Server:
    • Fixed an issue relaying the priority / facility properties on Syslog Forward. The prifac property was not properly recreated if the message source was Syslog.
    • Syslog Server: Fixed an issue with RFC5424 header parsing which partially parsed invalid formatted syslog messages. This broke the original message.
    • Fixed a parsing issue (TCP Protocol only) when the syslog header was missing. When the first characters were a number, TCP Syslog tried to detect octet framing. This failed but the beginning characters of the message were lost. Also octet framing was not disabled resulting in unexpected endings of the message.
    • Fixed an issue with RFC 3164 Syslog Header parsing when “take syslog source from msg” is enabled.
  • Property Replacer:
    • Date related options are now evaluated before and after the property is truncated. But only if a match before the string truncation was not successful.

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WinSyslog 13.3 Final (Build Service 13.3.546/Client 13.3.585)
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