WinSyslog 16.1 Released

Release Date: 2020-01-31 Build-IDs: Service, Client Features Property engine: Added new static property %localhostname% which contains the local computer name. Syslog Action: Fixed Syslog Version in RFC5424 Header to 1. Bugfixes Queue Engine: Fixed an issue in the Action retry logic which caused the same information to be reprocessed again. Property Engine: Fixed […]

WinSyslog 15.0 Final (Build Service

Release Date: 2018-04-11 Build-IDs: Service, Client  Features Syslog Action: Added support for multiple syslog servers (Load balancing) Syslog Action: Backup Syslog Server is now tried on connect as well. Before, the backup server was only used when an existing connection to the primary server interrupted. SNMP Trap Receiver: Added new option to include […]

WinSyslog 14.2 Final (Build Service

Release Date: 2017-07-24 Build-IDs: Service, Client  Features SNMP Trap Receiver: Added support to print OCTET STRINGS with format hints. Format hints are now properly used using internal NET-SNMP functions. Support for encoding detection does not work for those SNMP Variables. Syslog Action: Added support to overwrite Syslog Priority/Facility File Action: Added option to […]

WinSyslog 13.3 Final (Build Service 13.3.546/Client 13.3.585)

Release Date: 2016-09-19 Build-IDs: Service 13.3.546, Client 13.3.585  Features OpenSSL library updated to 1.0.2h. Adiscon SNMP Mib: Changed DisplayString limit from 255 characters to 65536. Now, strings above 255 characters can be send using the adiscon mibs. Permitted Senders: If enabled, these senders cannot be deleted during runtime and have to be configured. Otherwise localhost […]

An Introduction to Syslog

Did you ever wonder what “syslog” is or how it works? Then this seminar is for you. Rainer Gerhards provides an introduction into syslog, covering all important aspects. The seminar does not assume any prior knowledge on syslog, but a little networking knowledge and technical understanding does not hurt. The objective of this seminar is […]

How to process Syslog messages from Solaris 8/9 systems?

  This article describes how to workaround problems which occur when you are receiving and processing Syslog messages from Solaris 8/9 systems. The Problem: The problem exists in the way, the Syslog messages are formatted from Solaris 8/9. As an example, we take the following sample Syslog message: <38>Aug  2 11:49:23 su: [ID 366847] ‘su […]

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