WinSyslog 7.3 Final (Build Service 7.3.443/Client 7.3.344)

Release Date: 2007-01-22

Build-IDs: Service 7.3.443, Client 7.3.344

New Additions
  • SETP Server

    – Added new Option “Notify Sender about Rule Action Error’s”. Use this option to have Rule error processing control over SETP as well. Attention! If you enable this feature, older MonitorWare Agent Versions ( 4.2.x and below ) may have trouble sending data over SETP once a Rule Exception occurs! If you intend to use this feature, make sure all MonitorWare Agent Installations are at least Version 4.3.x.

  • Vista Compatibility

    – Added full support for Windows Vista. Which includes enhancing the Installer and the EventReporter Service.

  • Forward Syslog Action

    – Added support for sending syslog messages in compressed form using zlib.

    – Added support for syslog-transport-tls framing in the syslog sender when used with tcp and compression (the framing itself can not yet be forced)

  • Send SETP Action

    – Changed Errorreporting style. Previous for every failed connection try, an error Event was generated with Event ID 1005. Now there will only be ONE error on the first occurence of the connection problem. Once the connection is established again, a Success Event (Type Information) will be logged with
    ID 1012.

  • OLEDB/ODBC Action

    – Added support for MSSQL Stored Procedures. You can now select between an INSERT and Call Statement, which is Microsoft specific for stored procedures. This means also this type of SQL statement will only work if MSSQL is used as database. If you select MSSQL Call Statement, the tablename field will automatically be used as stored procedure name. Make sure to sort the parameters in the right order, otherwise the Action will fail.

  • Rule Engine

    – Added new Option in the General (Engine specific) Options to control the Rule Exception handling when a Rule processing fails.

Bug Fixes
  • WriteNTEventLog Action

    – Fixed a bug when Source replacement was enabled. Only the first Source was correctly replaced, but not the following sources.

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WinSyslog 7.3 Final (Build Service 7.3.443/Client 7.3.344)
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